Pumpkin Ain’t Basic!

Pumpkin is jam-packed with good stuff for your skin, from Vitamin A to Zinc!

So what can it do for your skin?

  • Help promote cell “turnover” or regrowth
  • Smooths skin
  • Brightens skin
  • Adds a dose of acne fighting Zinc

See a pattern?  Check out this article from the The International Dermal Institute for more details on what pumpkin can do for your skin.

What do you think of when the trick or treat-ers are gone and you have left over pumpkins on your porch?  Or when you buy 10 cans of pumpkin puree to make your holiday dishes for the plethora of guests and most of them cancel?  Well, pumpkin is not just for pie…read on to see a few ideas to incorporate into your routine this fall.

Just a like bit to get your juices flowing and stir up the creativity in your home too!


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