4-legged Family Members

Hey, don’t leave us out…

Our 4-legged friends are family members too!  They benefit from essential oils and natural plant-based products as well.


During our life together my husband and I have always had miniature schnauzers; both from rescues and breeders.  At the present time we have two female miniature schnauzers.  Cookie is our oldest and we brought her into our home in 2010 from a rescue.  She had a rough start in life when she was left at a vet in Oklahoma as a newborn pup.  After she choose our family for her fur-ever home and we brought her into our home and very quickly found out she had Parvo.  If you are a dog lover you know how devastatingly terminal this can be to a puppy.  At the time we found out Cookie had only been with us for a few short days, but our two kids had already bonded with her…oh who am I kidding so did I.  She spent 10 days at the vets on IV fluids and pulled through!  She is one tough Cookie!

Ever since she has had a very Sensitive stomach.  The slightest change in her diet and she would heeve-ho.  Even maintaining her strict diet she sometimes has tummy trouble.  Digize or Paragize essential oil has helped her during the times she has needed a little extra support.  We rub this on her tummy and down her back as we pet and love on her.

Penny on the other hand still parties like a puppy even though she is a whopping 2 years old.  This little girl has so much energy and lots of snuggles.  We rub a little lavender on the tips of her ears daily.  This provides a little bit of Sanity for the rest of us while it helps calm her down.

*FYI…I’ve tried Peace & Calming on her as it works for Cookie but this one makes Penny cra-cra!  Dogs are like people in the fact that each oil works differently with everyone.









Some of Cookie & Penny’s favorite Young Living Animal Care products:

In Our Oily Home we also DIY for our 4-legged Family Members.  Here are a few we make for them:


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