Charcoal Face Mask


You can get clearer skin while detoxing and softening with only a few simple ingredients.  This quick and easy charcoal face mask is great for your skin!

  • 1 tsp bentonite clay
  • 1 tsp activated charcoal powder
  • 2 tsp water
  • 1/2 tsp raw honey
  • 1 drop each tea tree and lavender essential oil

 Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay comes from aged volcanic ash sediment and is used To attract, trap and remove toxins from the body.  It is a perfect addition to a cleansing face mask.

***PSA*** It can be a little drying used on it’s own which is one reason raw honey is included in this recipe.

Raw Honey

Raw honey softens and soothes skin!  It is naturally antibacterial and useful in a face mask for anyone suffering from acne or blemishes.

Activated Charcoal

The reason you are here…charcoal is widely used for the absorption of toxins.  You may have even heard of it being used in emergency situations when internal poisoning is suspected.  When you apply it to your face the charcoal will help to absorb toxins and impurities on the skin.