My Favorite Essential Oil Case!

I know I’ve been keeping this guy a secret.  I’m letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak!

New oily peeps always ask me, “How do you store and carry your oils with you?”  This is what I love to use!

I use this carrying case for my on-the-go oils…generally the 11 oils from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit plus a couple more.   Let me break it down for you!

  • It is the perfect size to hold my basic on-the-go oils, my swiss army knife!
  • It has mesh dividers on either side that holds 5ml or 15ml bottles. I know I have a problem (I like to think I am just organized) but I like to put my Vitality labeled oils on one side and classic labeled oils from the Premium Starter Kit on the other side.  Don’t judge…it’s just my thing!
  • Everything is kept in a nest little pouch.
  • The case very easily fits in my purse or tote bag.
  • When I travel on short-ish trips everything I need fits in this one case.
  • You can get 3 to 4 5ml/15ml bottles or 10ml roll-ons in the center.  Actually I shove more in mine usually but I don’t want you to bust a zipper.
  • And it looks great!

Are these all my oils?  Ah NO!  But this is my go bag…it goes EVERYWHERE I go.

Don’t freak out but I am reading your mind right now…you are asking yourself where are all their oils stored?  They are in a vault 20ft below the Earth’s surface equipped with bio-metric locks because these are priceless gems!  No seriously…we have a couple acrylic organizers accessible to all family members.  Our extra or back-up oils are kept in a plastic shoebox container.

Here are the links to what we use if you want to do something similar.

Tiered oil bottle stand                                                Divided flat organizer

My Gift to New Members!

To get you off and going with your oils, I will gift this case to new members who enroll with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit!  If you are ready to start this oily journey head on over to the Become A Member page and we’ll get you goin’.