In The Kitchen

Cooking with oils is an area that I took my time to dive into.  One could say that I didn’t dive in but have just started dipping my toes in.

You can replace your dried spices in your pantry with Young Living’s Vitality line of oils.  There is even a culinary set to get you started.

FACT:  Dried spices start to lose their potency after 6 months.

We use our Vitality oils in various cooking methods.  Sometimes I combine dried spice with my oils in a dish.  There is no wrong way!  I have baked, prepared skillet meals, used them with my Insta Pot and used as a topping to popcorn.

Here are a few recipes we have used in Our Oily Home lately:

Mac-N-Cheese with Black Pepper oil

Brownies with Peppermint oil

Oily Guacamole

Butternut Squash Soup

Flourless Chocolate Deluxe Muffins