In the Laundry Room

Why didn’t I know about this gem before now?  Our oldest has always had sensitive skin and eczema.  I mean ever since we brought him home from the hospital we went through a lot of trial and error looking for a way to clean his clothes that wouldn’t irritate his skin.  And now that he is a teenager I finally find the perfect solution for him!  I guess it is never too late to get it right!

Let me get real with you for a minute…since jumping in feet first and removing the chemical filled products from our laundry room there have been some real struggles.  My dear husband, love of my life, father to my 2 beautiful kids, and family provider extraordinaire has not been a happy camper, to say the least.  For 30 some years all he has known was the high sea orange bottled laundry soap, the rose shaped cap of the featherlike fabric conditioner, the loud talking stain pre-treater and the springy sheets said to soften & control static.  He immediately took issue with the removal of those springy sheets.  He is a manly man, made with his own winter sweater and an internal furnace that provides him the ability to wear shorts year-round (athletic shorts to be exact).  I know this goes without saying but synthetic fabrics produce more static than a natural cotton fabric.

Want some pre-treating solutions?  Checked out some tested methods and find what is naturally right for your family.

So I set out on a mission to find a solution to reduce the static in his laundry.  I would ultimately like to eliminate static cling for him but I am all about attainable goals!

Wool Dryer Balls were my first solution and I continue to use them today.  I love how they scent my laundry and I can use lavender essential oil on our bedding to support a restful night sleep and Peace & Calming on my kiddos clothes to aide in keeping them chill or even Thieves essential oil during peak cold and flu months for a little extra immunity support.  With all that goodness they also reduced the static cling until…Winter came.  Then the athletic shorts took on the look of a pair of bad 1970’s basketball shorts.


Out on the hunt I found some references to adding crumpled up aluminum foil to the dryer with the wool dyer balls.  Desperate to make the hubster happy I gave it a shot!  This took us through our first Winter and did the trick…or so I thought!  My clothes were fine, the kids clothes were fine, but the hubster was still having some static cling.

Next I tried DIY Dryer Sheets, this didn’t make him happy!  After a month I had to stop using because he thought he smelled like a bottle of ketchup (it was the vinegar y’all…I couldn’t smell it!  I could only smell the lavender and tea tree essential oils I used with it).

After that I tried a DIY Fabric Softener, there was no static relief from that but oh do I like how soft a snugglie on blankets and bedding are when I use this.  There is a recipe included on the Thieves Laundry Soap Infographic.  The one I use in Our Oily Home can be found here.  Even though it uses vinegar, the baking soda and 50 drops of essential oil keep the ketchup-like smell in check.

Back on the trail, I find an ah-ha moment on the interwebs.  Pink Himalayan Salt!  Yes, I’m not joking…Pink Himalayan Salt.  I have salt lamps throughout the house for various purposes, one is static reduction.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  Put the salt in the dryer!  Ok, I didn’t put one of my salt lamps in the dryer that would just be ridiculous.  It would damage my salt lamp and my dryer too.  Solution Sally saw that someone else on a blog put coarse ground Pink Himalayan Salt in a natural cotton bag.  IT WORKS!!!!  I don’t hear the static in hubby’s athletic shorts when I take them out of the dryer now and all he does is put on the shorts, shake out the legs and go!

What are we using in Our Oily Home in our laundry room right now:


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